Friday, January 9, 2009

A Day in the life of Katie

8:45 Falls off my bed and hurts her tailbone
9:00 Falls off her bike in the garage and hurts knee
9:25 Falls off bike and pins her arm under the handlebars(that's gonna leave a bruise!)
10:35 Turns around and bangs the corner of her eye into the handle of a shopping cart (ANOTHER blackeye!)
11:45 Gets her fingers caught in the sliding door of the van (just some redness)
12:20 Knocks her forehead into the mirror of a car in the HEB parking lot (another bruise)

Do you see a pattern? I swear i'm gonna wrap that girl in bubble wrap.

It's no wonder I have to hide my gray hairs!

Have a good weekend!

8:30pm Edited to add....after I posted this originally, I heard a loud "CRACK" and then Maddie began to scream. She hit her head on the molding of the wall (don't ask how!) and spit her forehead and has a silver dollar sized goose egg.

Ahhhh my graceful beauties!

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  1. OMG! The poor girl needs bubble wrap and FAST!!