Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For all you potato lovers!

Someone sent me this link today and it's quite amazing. Women all over the world are going to throw out their potato peelers!

Take a look...Idaho Potato

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Excited!

I'm going to be teaching several classes with the Pearland Parks and Recreation this summer. My summer classes are several scrapbook related classes, one for mom's, one for senior citizens and one from "tweens". I'm also teaching a fun baggie science class for kids 6-8.

In the fall, I'll be taking over all of their pre-school classes and developing a few more. We are also looking at targeting the homeschool families in our area. The veteran teacher, who has been there for years and I are working on developing some classes that will work together.

I'm really excited, and so are the girls. They get to come with me this summer and be my "assistants!" We'll see how that goes!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anyone got a straw?

Madeleine lost a tooth today.

Another School Project

This past week, M was to create a box for her Valentines to go into. She and K were discussing it at breakfast the other morning. I started throwing out ideas...mail truck, big heart, a butterfly. K said ,"How about a birdhouse?" M loved the idea. So, we began planning. M decided that a cracker box would be perfect for the base M picked out some cute paper from my stash and then Mod Poged it on her cracker box.

The next order of business was meeting with our resident engineer to design a roof. Once a design was agreed upon, M painted the supports and roof.

After a few embellishments, Madeleine's finished Birdhouse Valentine box.


Just some random cuteness from the last few weeks.


As many of you know, I volunteered to be M's Daisy Troop leader with another mom. We have a small, but wonderful group of girls. At our last meeting, the girls earned their Daisy pin by memorizing the Girl Scout pledge. It was so cute hearing them recite it together. Now they are working on earning their first Daisy petal for Honesty.