Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Week!

Thanksgiving week started out with Madeleine having to get glasses. The princess was NOT happy...until she found out she now got to shop and try on accessories! I think she looks cute in glasses! I'm just thankful it happened on a week she was off from school. She's had a week to get use to them so hopefully Monday won't be such a big deal when her classmates see her. She's afraid someone will make fun of her. Why are kids so mean?

On Tuesday, I decided I HAD to make a Thanksgiving banner. I couldn't do it the easy way with paper and my Cricut...I had to make a pattern, cut the fabrics and then I embroidered EVERY letter. I finished Wednesday night. My sweet hubs hung it up for me. I think it turned out cute.

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful. We were very thankful to have all of David's family here along with my parents and my Aunt, Uncle and one cousin. We had fried turkey thanks to Glen, David's brother. David cooked a turkey in a hole in our backyard. YES, you heard me correctly. He calls it "garbage can" cooking. You dig a hole and fill it with hot coals. Then you put some type of metal covering over the hole (garbage can lid). He uses a large wok a friend made him out of a stainless plow disk. Then you cover it with a metal pot or garbage can and put hot coals around the bottom and some on top of the pot. It's basically a dutch oven. It takes a while to cook, but the bird was very juicy and moist. I made a ham (I'm not a big turkey fan) with a brown sugar glaze. We had tons of side dishes and desserts. You don't go hungry when you mix some Cajuns and Germans!

After dinner, the games come out. We love to play board games. This time, we had a blast playing a game called The Game of Things. It was so fun. You can really learn about people you thought you knew with this game. Glen had us rolling with some of his answers.

Friday, we spent recuperating. No Black Friday shopping for us. I can't stand crowds. The savings just aren't steep enough to drag me into a crowd of frenzied shoppers.

Saturday we went to Glen's fishing club for lunch and some fishing. Nothing was biting, but we had fun just visiting and watching the girls play with the bait worms. I shudder to think what boys would have been like!

Since you made it this far I've got a giggle for you. As you know, David's family loves to laugh and do silly things. Well, my SIL has outdone everyone this Thanksgiving. This is her Thanksgiving attire...

Now let the Christmas madness begin!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Handy Girls

I think I've got 2 engineers in the works...

I found them taking apart their rocking chair. They accomplished something most men can't....they put it back together without any extra parts!!

First Earache

M had her first earache last week. She woke up Sunday morning in extreme pain. (Why is it kids only get sick on the weekend?) Monday morning we got her in to the doctor and she was surprised that her ear drum hadn't burst. After a day on antibiotics, the pain was gone but the stuffiness in her ear has lasted a week.

I know she didn't feel good, but man, she is a drama queen! She laid on the couch or in my lap and moaned for 2 days! When I say moaned, I mean moaning like a woman in labor!

I love my little DQ!

Trick or Treat Trail

We decided to brave the crowds this year and attend the city's annual Trick or Treat Trail. It's usually held at a local park along the wooded walking trail, but because we had a ton of rain, they moved it to the high school parking lot. It was nice. I wish they had it here every year. Normally, you park at the high school and they take you to the park by school bus. This is why we haven't been before. This year, we parked on one side of the stadium and walked to the other side for the trail.

A bunch of local businesses had booths and handed out candy. There were costumed mascots walking around (which M&K hate!), games, food and buckets of fun. We really enjoyed ourselves.


I did it again...I waited till the last minute to get the girls costumes. I normally try to persuade them to get something "cute" or coordinated." This is what they came home with when David took them to get costumes.

Spiderella (notice the straight hair!) and Super Girl

They loved their costumes. They still put them on and wear them around the house!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She's a Star!

Madeleine's picture is going to be in the local paper! They snapped a picture of her reading in the library. She is so excited.

Keep your eyes out for my little star!

Whine Flu

It's an epidemic at our house!

After battling the H1N1 flu (Madeleine, Kaitlyn and then David!) my dad ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks with an irregular heartbeat. I spent a lot of days at the hospital with my dad and driving my mom back and forth. I thank GOD for David every day of my life! He really stepped up and became a single parent during the time my dad was hospitalized.

Now, Madeleine has a really nasty ear infection. The doctor was surprised that her eardrum had not burst. I know she was hurting and I was all over it...cuddling, sleeping with her, babying her...but now....sheesh! She's not in pain any more, no more fever, just the constant WHINING! She wants me to sit right next to her ALL DAY. I love my baby, but she knows how to work the drama queen gene!

I NEVER thought I would say this, but hopefully, she'll be back at school tomorrow!