Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm still here!

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. Things have really been crazy around the casa. After surviving the holidays, we ended up at the ER with K on New Year's Eve. Talk about interesting! The nurses assured us that they would get us of there before all the nut-jobs showed up. They kept their promise. We were out of there by 10:30pm. The head wounds (bar fights) were just starting to show up.

She ended up being diagnosed with strep. After 3 days on med, her fever would not go below 101 and was going as high as 103 still. We trooped back to the pedi's office to find out that she also had a UTI. Poor baby was miserable. Luckily, she was well by the time school started again.

We had one, yeas ONE week of health before Madelieine started running fever. You guessed it...STREP! She missed a week of school and then the FLU hit our house. All 3 of us girls were in bed sick. I thank GOD every day for my wonderful husband. He stayed home and waited on us girls hand and foot. That man is definately a GOD-send. We all missed a week of school/work.

We got well, went back to our lives...for one week! Then I got strep.

I think we've had everything that has come down the pike! The pedi told me she was just going to put me on the payroll since we were there so much.

I think we've had 3 good weeks since 2011 fell. As I type now, I'm recovering from an outer ear infection. Let me tell you, this has been the MOST painful thing I've ever gone through. The pain from swelling was so bad that my jaw and teeth hurt.

I'm hoping that this is it for 2011 and we can avoid what ever else is out there. To prevent catching more infections, we jokingly tell the girls each morning not to lick the doorknobs!

I hope you have a HEALTHY year!!