Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such a Bittersweet Moment

Yesterday, looking at Madeleine, it hit me...

She's lost that baby look.

WHEN did that happen?! I didn't see it coming.

She's turned into all legs! She's begun fixing her hair all the time, wanting to put on make-up and getting her nails done. She's not that rolly-polly little bundle of curly hair anymore.

It was such a bittersweet moment to realize that my first born is now a young girl. Not a toddler, or baby, or even preschooler. She's growing into a young lady.

My Madeleine never stops amazing me.

How was I so blessed to have a beautiful, smart, caring and loving little girl?

This prompted me to take a long hard look at little Miss K. My funny bunny. My Katie-bug.

She has grown into a fearless, adventuresome, smart little creature who keeps us all smiling with her funny antics. She's not a baby anymore either.

This hard truth made me so sad and misty-eyed.

Then I was struck by lightening...soon I'm going to be the parent of...dare I say it....preteens!

That strikes fear in my heart.

Have I raised them to be strong enough to resist the dangers the teen years bring?
Have I instilled in them a love and passion for God and living by His word?
Have I taught them to always be themselves and to enjoy the life we've been given?
Have I taught them to face their fears, for once you do, there is nothing left to fear?
Have I told them "I love you" enough? and more importantly, have I SHOWN them that I love them?

Only God knows the end to this story...I pray every night that is has a happy ending.

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