Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Becoming an "Intentional Encourager"

For the next several weeks, I am going to be taking part of a personal growth challenge. Mary Joy at Snapshots from my Heart & Home is challenging us to look beyond our busy lives and to shower God's love and blessings on others.

I SO need this challenge. I am the type of person who focuses on what isn't done, instead of what has been done. Just this morning, Katie came downstairs and announced, "Mommy, I already made my bed!" I am ashamed to admit, that instead of praising her for such a great accomplishment, I asked her if she had picked up the bathroom floor. I am confessing now, that I really want to change this. Mary Joy's post came at the exact moment I needed to see it. God has blessed me so tremendously, and I am not appreciating it.

That is changing today! Anyone else up for the challenge?

This week, we are to focus on Hebrews 10:24 (NIV) "And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." I will pray and ponder the Scripture and let God lead me to those who need encouragement, starting with my children.

I am excited to undertake this challenge and record how it has changed me!

UPDATE: Although I got started a little late in the week, the few days that I've really focused on encouraging the girls have made a difference. I've seen the shine back in their eyes (mine too!). They seem more confident and happy.(Me too!) I am going to continue to pray for help in changing my outlook and work towards being an encourager. I look forward to the next challenge.


  1. I am so excited too that you are joining us in this challenge, Julie! We all struggle with being "Intentional Encouragers" in some area of our lives. The key is that when God shows us an area of our lives that we need to work on to make sure we do it. And you ARE!!!

    I sure can empathize with your struggle with focusing on being positive with your children regarding household chores! I struggle with this one many days as well. It is one of the areas that I am working on during this "Intentional Encourager" Challenge Series.

    One of the wonderful blessings about joining with other women who are also working on being more encouraging to the people in their lives is that we are NOT ALONE! We are in this together and we will be praying for one another! By allowing God to lead all of us through this time of growing it can become a life transforming experience for all of us. I am honored that you have joined us in this journey! And I look forward to reading about how God is working in your life!

  2. So inspiring! I need that study!