Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break

Before the sickness fell upon our house, we had an awesome spring break with the girls. We went strawberry picking at Froberg Farms in Alvin, went to Brenham and the Blue Bell Creamery, the Antique Rose Emporium (this one was for me!), several parks and Barrington Living History Farm.


We took my mom with us to pick strawberries. This was opening week and the plants were still loaded with big, red, juicy berries. The girls picked 14 pounds of strawberries. Once we got them home, I cleaned and chopped all 14 pounds. I then divided them between 2 bowls. The first bowl, I left them chopped. The second bowl I pureed them in the blender with a little splenda. Then for Katie's birthday, we used all the berries for strawberry shortcake. Let's just say, they were YUMMY!

Blue Bell Creamery

The Friday of spring break, David took off work so we could ROAD TRIP! We left the house at 6am...the girls weren't too happy until they found out we were going to an ice cream factory and they got to eat it. We made it in time for the 9:30 tour. If you haven't been there, it's pretty interesting. The best thing is at the end of the tour, they let you choose from about 12 different flavors. You get a huge scoop of ice cream. I had Southern Blackberry Cobbler....mmmmmmm...sorry, I'm salivating!

Antique Rose Emporium

This one was for me. The ARE in Independence specializes in old or found roses. They take cuttings from old roses found in abandoned cemeteries, along old fences and around old abandoned houses and start them. I at one time had about 10 old roses and LOVED them. They are so hardy and maintenance free. So...I've started my collection here in P-land. I bought a Pioneer rose named after Texas pioneer Thomas Affleck. When it begins to bloom. I'll post pictures. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the girls at the garden.

Barrington Living History Farm

The Barrington Farm is at Washington-on-the Brazos, the birthplace of Texas. The farm is a living history farm where the volunteers and employees dress in period costume and "work" the farm. It's as if you step back into history. The farm house is the actual house that Dr. Anson Jones, the last president of Texas, lived in with his family. The girls really enjoyed this. They were amazed at the toys that kids in the 1840's had to play with. They also learned how to pick cotton, wash clothes using a scrub board and play with a stick and hoop. We look forward to going back again when they are older.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time together.

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