Thursday, March 25, 2010



We are sick again.

Well, really we are still sick.

I took the girls to the doctor over spring break last week because both of them were still complaining of their ears hurting. Well, the doc couldn't believe they weren't hurting worse than they were because both ears on both girls were extremely inflamed with protruding ear drums.


We just finished a round of antibiotics 2 days before. So...we got a stronger antibiotic for another ten days.


I've been pumping the girls full of yogurt to combat the nasty side-effects of the antibiotic.

Didn't help.

Sometime between Friday and Sunday, Madeleine caught a stomach virus!

She came home from school Monday with a fever and stomach ache. She's been home ever since. Looks like she's getting another week home.

In the mean time, David's been gone, I'm going crazy and "little- bit" has been getting into EVERYTHING!!! I haven't slept more than 4 hours in the last 3 days and am starting to get a little loopy.

Luckily, Daddy is on his way home.

I plan on escaping this funny farm on Saturday for a little R&R at a local scrapbook store!

Gotta run...K's using the back of the couch as a balancing beam!

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