Friday, February 20, 2009

We surround them

Is anyone else besides me fed up with the way our government is acting? I am scared about what is happening to our country. We are not coming together, the government is dividing this country more than ever. It is pitting hard-working, responsible people who pay their bills and save against those who are looking for free rides. I have a problem with my tax dollars going to pay off someone's mortgage when they got themselves in over their head. When did our country start rewarding BAD BEHAVIOR and punishing those of us who try to do the right things in our life? How many of these people are driving new cars? Buying designer clothes? Have they sold off their "things" to help pay some of their debt? I'm driving an 8 year old car, my husbands truck is 15 years old. I shop at Walmart, no designer clothes for us. I cut coupons and buy sales to save money.

My family lives within our means. We save, we have a realistic view of money. If we don't have the cash, we don't buy it. It's that simple. When we bought our home, we were approved for 3 times the amount of our house, but we weren't blinded by status symbols like most people. We knew how much we wanted our payments to be and we stuck to that. COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

If you are frustrated like me, please go take a look at Glenn Beck's movement, We Surround Them.

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  1. Amen Sister! I am with you! I am sick of it. Government has way overstepped its authority here.

    People hear what they want to hear when they listen to Obama. They hear they are going to have a little more money or whatever. That is no reason to vote for a person. That is how we got into this mess. I want more of my money, the money I earned. I would never vote to take someone elses money. Taht is wrong, that is theft.

    Because of the housing slump I lost about 50K on my house when we relocated to TX. It took two years to sell the house and that was a tough burden on my family as we could not afford two places and we lived apart much of that time. My husband didn't get to see his kids growing up for two years, but we didn't ask for money for other people for our problems. We made do the best we could. It sucked, but it was our problem. It ticks me off we lost all that money because people didn't pay for their homes. So, those of us on the front end are paying for those on the back end. That is not fair. Now they are going to reward the same losers by keeping them in their homes longer and bailing out the banks that made the loans. I'd like to know what representatives pushed these new lending standards through. I already know that Obama trained ACORN members to advocate for loans for those who did not qualify for them. So, he's guilty. Maybe those guys would like to pony up the money all of us who did things right have lost because of their solicitation of votes on my dollar and at the expense of my investments.

    I think the government should "do no harm". They are harming the public with their policies that spend our money to get votes and that's both republicans and democrats. I'd like to throw all of them out on their ears and start over. I would maybe be willing to keep some of them who show they have learned their lesson and stop being "porky" begining now. I can't even believe that republicans voted for this budget that went through. Shame on them. Most of them voted against the stimulus and then they voted for the porky budget b/c they had pork in it for their states. If the people of the states aren't interested in paying for it why should the rest of us. I noticed our senator of TX, Kay Bailey Hutchinson had a lot of pork last year.

    I'm going to one of those viewing parties in Houston. I want to go to one of those Tea Parties or plan one. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.