Friday, January 15, 2010

Menu for 1/18-1/24

Howdy folks! Along with making myself new promises in the new year, I've decided to start posting my weekly menus. This will help keep me on track and hopefully help others in the process. If I get a recipe off the net, I'll link it. It it's mine and you want a copy, leave me a comment and I'll either post it or email it to you.

I'll give you a warning though, with a diabetic in the family, most of my menus are based around protein. We are a red meat loving family so just be forewarned!

So, here goes...

Monday - AM: Egg muffins(sausage), fresh fruit
PM: Turkey Meatloaf, sugar snap peas, salad
TuesdayAM: Boiled eggs, Fruit and Yogurt
PM:Texas Pot Au Feu, Veggies and baked potato
Wednesday Baked Oatmeal
PM:Bacon Ranch Slow Cooked Chicken served over whole grain, high fiber noodles; steamed veggies
Thursday AM: Egg Tacos
FridayAM:Cereal, Fruit, Yogurt
PM:Frozen Pizza & salad

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