Thursday, October 1, 2009

St. Andrew's Pumpkin Patch

Katie and I stopped at the annual pumpkin patch at St Andrew's Episcopal Church for some photos. She was getting into posing and picking out the perfect pumpkin. As we were leaving, she spotted another area they set up for photos. She ran over, jumped up on the bale of hay and proceeded to fall in a hole (not unusual for will notice her black eye in her photos...more on that later). When she lifted up the hand she caught herself with, she had a quarter in it.

That girls can literally find money in a haystack! We can be anywhere and she will find money. I think I need to start leading her into finance!

Now, about the black eye. Last Sunday, we decided to give St. Andrews Episcopal another try. Well...they leaft a mark on our family. About 10 minutes into the service, Katie slipped off the pew and bonked her cheekbone on the pew in front of us. It immediaetly swelled up and by the time we got home was a pretty blackish-purple color.

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