Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of Kindergarten

Yikes! I can't believe my little girl started kindergarten today. When we got there, her teacher greated us at the door and asked her name. I answered Madeleine. The teacher leaned down to Maddie (who wants to be called Madeleine now!) and said
"Mad-e-LINE , you can go find your name tag and color the picture at your seat." My shy child answered ," Yes Maam, but my name is "Mad-e-lyn". I couldn't believe it! Her teacher probably thinks she some snarky kid now.

Aside from the name issue, I'm so proud of her. When we walked her to her classroom, she went right in and found her seat and started coloring. No tears (from either of us!) except from Katie after we walked out of the room. It was so sweet, she started crying that she was going to miss her sister.

When we picked M up, she first said that she had a great day. A little while later she said that she doesn't like her teacher because she's mean. She didn't let M play in the classroom at all. I hated to tell her that she's at school to learn and work, not play all day. We will see how tomorrow morning goes. I may have to push her out of the car!

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