Sunday, July 19, 2009

Responsibility & The Little Messes

Well...a new era is beginning in our household. The girls have always had little chores they had to do, but we are finally going to a full blown chore chart. I sat down tonight to design what I think will work for us. I've come up with 7 chores that the girls will be responsible for each week.

They are: Make your bed (with help), set& clear the table, help with dinner (M only), collect trash (bring down their trash cans 2X week), pick up toys & books, help fold towels and help dust.

I've printed out the chores on cardstock, orange for Maddie and yellow for Katie. I also printed some of them multiple times. For example, because I want them to make their bed every day, I printed 7 tags for each girl. The "help dust" tag was only printed once for each girl since we will do this once a week. Make sense?

I ran them through a laminator (for durability) and then through my Xyron machine using the magnetic adhesive to turn them into little magnets. The girls will get to put their color magnet on the chart each day when they complete their chore. Our week will begin on Monday, and on Sunday, if they have completed their chores, they will be able to choose a special treat coupon. I found the coupons here and printed the ones I wanted to use.

My goal is to begin introducing an allowance after a couple of months. These first few months, I really want to push the idea that the girls are necessary and valuable members of our household and they help keep things running. We all do things to help one another whether we like the chore or not. (ie...I HATE to put away the folded clothes!)

Any ideas? I hope I can make this work!

Wish me luck...

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