Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Week!

David & I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Monday thanks to our niece Ashley. She so kindly (and bravely :-) volunteered to watch the girls for us so we could have a date. We are so boring, neither one of us could think of anything "out of the ordinary" to do. How sad is that! LOL!

We ended up just walking around the Galleria for several hours. We had the BEST time! We laughed, walked hand in hand, talked and just really enjoyed being together. It was the best anniversary yet. We are at the Cheesecake Factory, YUM!!! If you get a chance to go, make sure to try their pineapple upside-down cake is divine!

After that, we headed to the movies. I've been wanting to see Harry Potter, and my wonderful hubby suffered through the 2 1/2 hour movie just for me. What a hubby!

He also surprised me with a new computer for my craft room.

I am soooo fortunate to have such a thoughtful, loving, funny man as my husband. How did I get so lucky?

My neice decided since she was going to have to come back on Wednesday to pick up her mom, she just stayed with us for several days. It was so nice having her around. The house is going to be kind of quiet without her here! Love you NeNe!!

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