Thursday, April 2, 2009


I LOVE Tupperware!

But once you host a party, they aren't so "hostess friendly." Oh, my consultant is FABULOUS! but once you get all the "stuff" arriving on your doorstep, it's just down-right frustrating. So far, I've gotten 7, yes, seven boxes that have trickeled in over the last 3 days. There isn't always a packing list in them, some of the items have stickers with the item number on them, but you don't know who get's what! Pampered Chef sends everything already bagged for each customer with a copy of their receipt in it. THAT is customer service!

I've had to make tags for each customer, get a master list from my consultant (which didn't have the item number, just the name or a description of the item ...grrr) and match each item with the picture and number inthe catalog, then check her list to see who bought that item. It took me 2 hours to get things lined up. And then there is still stuff missing!

BUT....look at all the goodies I got for hosting a party! Not pictured is an 11 piece microwave bowl set!

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