Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation Part Two

Monday morning we woke up and planned to head to the Guenther House for breakfast. If you are ever in San Antonio, you MUST go there for breakfast. They make the best biscuits & gravy (my favorite!), and their sweet cream pancakes are heavenly. You could smell the sweet cream coming from the pancakes!

But I digress, we got to Vanessa (what the girls named our van. LOL!)and our mouths were salivating with the thoughts of the delicous breakfast to come. Vanessa had other thoughts. She wouldn't start. We were stuck in the parking lot of our hotel. We were crushed!

Lucky for us, a very kind Army Ranger was sitting in a rental next to us. He noticed our distress and offered to help us out. David, always a Boy Scout, (always prepared!) had jumper-cables in the van. Mr. Army Ranger moved his car around so David could get to the battery and Vanessa coughed to life.

Now our delima was that we didn't know if it was just a bad battery or something worse. David decided that we would start with the battery. We located the nearest Walmart and had them replace the battery. Unfortunately, the girls were starving. David & I knew that biscuits & gravy were not going to happen today. McDonald's it was. The girls were happy we got to sit in McDonald's while we waited on the van.

I was so bummed after that! But, we had Fiesta Texas to look forward to.

After Vanessa had her battery taken care of, we headed out to Fiesta Texas. The girls were so excited that every time someone said Fiesta Texas, they would yell out "OLE!"

Fiesta Texas was a good trial run for our Disney trip. Let's just say, that because the girls were afraid to ride most everything, even the kiddie stuff, we've pushed our trip back another year.

They did ride their first roller coaster. Dora's something or other. It was a slow, wavy ride. I thought they could handle it. So did they. But when they got off, the both proclaimed that they HATE rollercoasters and were ready to go home.

Poor David was so disappointed. He had wanted them to have a wonderful time.

Things finally started looking up after the train ride and watching a Loony Toons show. They were actually having fun!

But, being the bad mom I am, I made them ride the White Water Canyon ride. I thought they would enjoy getting splashed. WRONG yet again! They hated it. Katie kept her head covered the entire ride and Madeleine cried "Get me off!" or "I want off RIGHT NOW!" the whole time. I felt so bad, but I must admit, that it was kind of funny watching them. Does that make me a horrible mother?!

A little while later, after we had gotten off, I asked Madeleine "Was that ride so bad?" You won't believe the answer I got. She said "No I guess not, I might ride it again!"

The day ended with deli delivery to our room and more swimming. I must say, the girls have become regular little fish.

I fell into bed exhausted!

Next up, day 3.

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