Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome to our summer!

Wow! Our first official week of summer has come and gone in a flash! We started off Saturday at the Sweet & Sassy with Madeleine's Daisy troop. They decided to use the last of their cookie money to treat themselves to makeovers and mani/pedi's. They had so much fun!

Our day started with the girls getting a facial and a haircut.

Then on to pedicures & manicures...

Can we say DIVA's!!!

Monday we found ourselves signing up for a ton of different reading clubs. We signed up for 3 different libraries, Banes & Noble, Borders and Half-priced Books. They got to redeem their passports at B&N and Borders today for free books! They were so excited!

Wednesday the girls started their Ballet & Tap class. They love their new teacher!

Thursday I taught my first class in 6 years! I'm teaching 2 science classes for our local parks & rec. The girls get to come with me and are my "assistants!"

We spent today riding bikes, working in our garden and catching up on household chores.

I though summer was suppose to be relaxing....

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