Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer School

Last Tuesday was Maddie's graduation ceremony. It was so cute. They performed a musical about Noah's Ark. Miss M was a tiger (go figure!) I've got a cute video I will post later.

She had school the rest of the week and on Friday I made Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes for her class. When we put Maddie in school at Good Shephered our only goal for her was to get over her attachment to me. We got so much more. I am so thankful that the teachers helped her build her confidence. She is not only a more confident child, she is reading really well, she tells time and loves counting money.

I have planned to continue her education this summer. I am using a 1st grade curriculum to continue her reading growth. We are also working on some tougher math concepts as well as incorporating science and social studies. One biggie is her handwriting. She learned to print using the standard font. Our local school district uses De'Nelian handwriting, so I'm working with her to relearn how to print.

Katie is also getting an "education" this summer. We are working on her writing (she's finally decided that she's going to be a righty), counting and writing numbers to 100. She surprised me the other day in the car by counting to 100 by 10's! She's also participating in our science and social studies lessons. I'm so lucky my girls like learning. Every morning they ask me, "What are we doing in school today!" (Can you tell I want to home school them!?)

I am so proud of my girls!

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