Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome Family & Friends

I know some of you have seen my Multiply site, but I'm moving to Blogger. Now you can view the "little extras" that go on in our lives without having to creat an account with Multiply. I hope you visit often and leave us some notes.

Today we are gearing up for Maddie's Christmas program at school. She is an angel. They asked her to be Mary, but my little fashionista said "NO, I want to be the angel cause she has a prettier costume!" What can I say, she definately knows what she wants. Tonight all of the school will put on their program and then we get to have punch and cookies with Santa. Katie is more excited about that than anything. The girls Parrain (God Father) and Aunt Nanny are driving up to come watch her sing. My parents will also be here. I hope Maddie doesn't freak out and just stand there with a frown on her face cause everyone is watching her. Hopefully, I can get a video tonight and post it tomorrow.

In the mean time, please join my blog so you can keep up with the "exciting" (lot's of sarcasim there) life of the LaCombes.


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  1. Merry Christmas, thanks for sharing your blog, the girls are getting so big. Great site for us to keep up. Have a Great New Year, Denise